Even from a young age I’ve been a creator, I would regularly make up stores for any games me an my friends would be playing. In fact the initial idea for “The Journey of Daedeus” was spawned back in 2007-ish when I was 9. Though it was vastly different, that’s when the idea was created. As time went on, I created some fun YouTube shows and videos for about 4 years with my friends. Although those videos have since been removed, it was very important milestone in my life as a creator.

I had learned to edit videos (all be it with Microsoft movie maker), how to put something together for a production, creating stories, and how to properly extrapolate my visions. However around that time, I was hit with a huge shock in my life as my family essentially crumbled. With one of my parents suffering form addiction, my parents getting a divorce, horrible anxiety, and Crippling Depression, I just stopped working on my videos. However with that said, even with how bad those years were, they were probably where my creations took a different form. In order to cope, I would shut my self in and write. This is where a lot of what inspired “The Rogue”. Where most of the feel/tone of the story came from.

As more time went on, I wanted to make video games. In fact "Journey of Daedeus" was originally going to be a video game. However it wasn’t until my best friend mentioned that one of my favorite shows, "The Walking Dead" was actually an adaptation of the comic series. As I looked into it, I realized comic books could be more than what I had initially thought. It was then that I had found the perfect format for, "The Rogue"!

As far as personal life, I love animals! I've helped rescue Dogs from terrible and neglectful house holds. Sparky is a very spoiled dog and very beloved assistant while I write.